Not long ago, Just a Millennial Girl was just a thought. I knew I had been through a lot and people could benefit from my advice but I didn't know how I would articulate that. In the recent years, I have struggled with anxieties and self-image issues. Writing has always been an outlet of mine and I love that I can share my love of writing and creating through this creative outlet. JAM Girl represents everyday women with everyday issues. For the single gal, the married woman, the mom,  the inspired, and the heartbroken. I want to see you through everyday. Because life happens. Whether you're thinking of changing careers, going through a break up or need help adulting, we're here for you. I  want you to live your best millennial life.

 I will always work to keep JAM Girl a safe space. I’m not into cyber-bullying or mean hearted things and I will always keep JAM Girl full of love and light.



Hello there,

I’m Ashley. The founder and content creator of JAM Girl! I’m a part-time blogger, part-time freelancer, full-time hustler.

I’m a Wisconsin girl who’s been around the country but still resides in the little-big town of Milwaukee. Yes, I love cheese! I know you were wondering! I love the magic of words bound together to make beautiful quotes. I am also a lover of inspirational and motivational books. I love, love, love deep and meaningful relationships. And if I could have it my way, I would travel the world for months on end. I believe I may have been a gypsy nomad in my past life but that's to be determined.

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