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6 Mistakes I Made My First Month Blogging

6 Mistakes I Made My First Month Blogging

Blogging is quite fun and rewarding. I get to do something that I absolutely enjoy, connect with others and make a little bit of money on the side. When I started my blog, I did what most aspiring bloggers do. I combed the internet for information, which is how you probably landed here. Being a one-woman band can get lonely and there’s definitely a learning curve. I want to share some of the mistakes I made with you. 

Waiting to Launch Until I Had “Enough” Content-- When I was looking around the internet and researching other blogs, I saw these blogs with a lot of content. I didn't realize that some of these blogs have been in the works for years. I thought I needed 30-40 blog posts before I launched. When I realized how long that would take, I decided to begin with ten blog posts. I believe ten very well-written and thoughtful blog posts is an excellent place to start. You won’t have a lot of traffic to begin with anyway. 

No Marketing Strategy-- You may think that your small blog won’t need a marketing strategy but if you plan to make any money from your blog, it does. You need to know what you’ll be posting, who the target audience is, and which platforms you’ll be using to market yourself. I use Buffer to plan my social media content. I use Canva, PicMonkey, and Adobe Spark for my social media graphics and Mailerlite as my email marketing platform. 

Unclear Niche-- When I first started I was all over the place. I know that some people say that you can have a lifestyle blog with no niche, or that a lifestyle blog is a niche. I agree, lifestyle is a niche; however, it’s a vast topic and if you plan to monetize you want to be clear on what you’ll be doing. When I got clear about what I was going to be discussing and how I would use affiliate marketing to monetize my blog it made more sense to me. Click here for my free ebook to help you find your niche. 

No Copyright Notice-- I can’t say this enough, YOUR BLOG IS A BUSINESS. You work hard on your content, your photographs, and designs. Please have a copyright notice somewhere on your blog. Always leave your mark on every piece of digital work that you create. You don’t want to be scrolling the internet and find your work on someone else’s blog. Protect yourself. 

I Didn’t Understand SEO-- This is something that could take a little time to understand. SEO is search engine optimization. This basically means will you show up on Google. When someone types a phrase into Google, will your work show up? Dive into SEO, understand it, because this is how your work is discovered. 

Didn’t have an email Welcome Series-- A welcome series is a series of emails that will be sent to your new subscribers. You want to ensure that your readers are used to seeing your name in their emails and having an email series is important because this will keep them intrigued. As previously stated, I use Mailerlite. I like Mailerlite because starting off; it’s free. It also has easy to use drag and drop options. 

Blogging is hard work; if you take it seriously, it will pay off. I have been blogging for about three months and I’ve made a few hundred dollars through affiliate sales. I’ve also received over $2000 in free product. I don’t say this to brag because there are a lot of bloggers making BANK. I say this because these are things that I wish I would have know during my early months. 

I’ve created this free checklist for you to print to ensure you have some of the essentials before your launch. 

For experienced bloggers: What are some mistakes you made when starting your blog?

For aspiring bloggers: What are some questions you have for launching or starting your blog?


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