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8 Friends Every Girl Needs In Her Late Twenties

8 Friends Every Girl Needs In Her Late Twenties

Genuinely great friends are hard to come by; especially in your late twenties. When you're 18-23, finding friends is a relatively easy task. You're going out all the time, you're on campus, and you're likely still very close with friends from high school. As time goes on, the friends from high school move away, you grow apart, or you just simply end friendships. So as you grow, finding good and genuine friends is extremely important.  Here's a list of the eight types of friends a girl needs at any age!

1. The Cheerleader

This girl is the one that's always cheering you on! She's the one you call when you have a job interview, contemplating if you should go out for that promotion, or questioning yourself. You just started a business? She's front and center on opening night asking how she can help. You've started blogging or podcasting? She's sharing your content. She's asking you how things are going with that 'thing' you just started. There's no doubt in your mind that there's all love here.

2. The Down For Whatever Friend


This is the girl you call when you want to go out and you know no one else will want to go. She's the one you ask to road trip with you tomorrow and her bags are packed in 30 minutes with no questions asked. She's fun and loves to party. You don't hesitate that she'll always want to hang out and you'll have a GREAT TIME. 

3. The Confidant


This is the girl you can tell ANYTHING to. She will take your secrets to the grave. She's the one you can open up to about your deepest, darkest secrets and you know her lips are sealed. These friends are hard to come. When you find a girl like this, keep her around. 

4. The Optimist

I am a MAJOR believer in The Law of Attraction. I believe what you put out into the universe comes back tenfold. With that being said, I like to be around people who can see the good in everything as well. Debbie Downers put too much negative energy into the universe and I just don't want that around me. The optimistic friend can turn the sky falling into something poetic and beautiful. 

5. The Brutally Honest Friend

BAYYYBEEE-- Every girl needs this friend. She won't hold back and she won't hesitate to call you out on your bs. Whether you're being shady, flakey, she hates your boyfriend, she thinks you're not living up to your potential; she's gonna let you know! Now, there's a difference between a brutally honest friend who has your best interest at heart and a hater. You have to decipher that for yourself!

6. The Relationship Guru


This girl is not judgey at all. She will listen to all your relationship questions and she has all the ideas on how to improve things with your beau. She's happy when you find 'the one' but she won't make you feel bad for loving a jerk. She also won't let you put up with anything less than you deserve. 

7. The Fiscally Responsible


This friend has her SH*T TOGETHER. Well. financially that is. She's the one who wants to talk stocks, investing, interest rates and all that other money stuff. She's the one who is always worried about how much she's spending and won't overpay for a single thing. She's got her retirement plan covered and she's got money in the bank! You want this friend because she's a motivator to get your own sh*t together, you also want her around so she can help you when it comes to things like investing and making major purchases you don't understand. 

8. The Friend Who Is Separate From Your Other Friends


This is likely what your group of friends will say should they ever meet your new friend. Having a friend who is outside of your "friend group" is essential. There is a level of privacy here that does not exist in a group of friends. This is the friend that you can call and confide in or if you simply want to go out somewhere for dinner. 

Real, pure, and genuine friends can be hard to come by. These are the characteristics that I value in my friends. You're a lucky girl if you have all of these and extremely lucky if you have all of these in one or two people. 

What do you value in friendship???

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