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Five Awesome Gifts to Give Instead of Gift Cards

Five Awesome Gifts to Give Instead of Gift Cards


Anyone who knows me, knows I DIE for a thoughtful gift. Gift cards are great because it allows you to get what you want but I love a thoughtful gift because it means that you took your time and really put this together for me. For me, that means so much more. With that being said, I’ve been told I’m a pretty decent gift giver because my gifts usually have some sort of sentimental value. I’m fully aware that not everyone has the gift of thinking up sentimental gifts, so I’m here with five really super thoughtful and nice gifts to give a loved one during the holidays, Mother’s Day, or just because.


One of my favorite places to get a thoughtful gift from is Mixbook Photo Co. They do some ahhhh-mazing things with pictures! Here are my favs!

1.  Photobooks- So photobooks are like photo albums. This is a great way to get all those pictures off of your phone and into your hand. With these photobooks, you choose an occasion and a design. Then you simply upload the photos that you want in the book. These are great for graduations, anniversaries, and all life’s special event. Fellas, if you’re looking for a clever way to propose to your lady, design the Year in Review book, add pics that you guys have taken all year and let the last page be a picture of the ring, or you holding up a sign asking her to marry you. Can you say, major brownie points?! You’re welcome!


2.  Also at Mixbook, their prints are really awesome. The canvas and metal prints are really great gifts for a new mom’s first photo with her baby or your daughter’s first ballet recital picture. Any picture that you hold near and dear, you’ll want to get off your phone and onto your wall and these canvas and metal prints are the way to go!


3.  Calendars- I know we use our phones for just about everything. It has turned into our camera, our calculator, our flashlights, and our cameras. I don’t know about you but I still love an old fashioned calendar that you hang up in your home or office. Why not create a calendar at Mixbook using your family photos, newborn photos, or engagement shots?


4.  Personalized books—So you can’t get any more thoughtful than personalization. It shows that the gift was specific and intentional. At Put Me In The Story, you can personalize just about any book for any occasion. I have used this site for Christmas gifts, children’s birthday gifts, and more!



5.  Personalized Everything—So this is a website that I LOVE. I stumbled upon Qualtry a few years ago through Groupon. Since then, I have bought countless wedding gifts. Their personalized products are high quality and always a fan favorite.


All the items are very reasonably priced for the keepsake value. I hope that you find this list helpful in your gift giving process. If you’re sick of giving gift cards and you really want to wow someone, the items on this list will surely help with that!


What are some thoughtful gifts you’ve received?


Disclosure: This blog post contains some affiliate marketing links that may result in small compensation upon your order. 

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