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Foods That Impact Body-Mind Wellbeing

Foods That Impact Body-Mind Wellbeing

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How many times have you wished to have a different dietary routine? The answer is probably a lot. Due to the fast pace of life nowadays, we tend to eat literally anything from deep fried food to almost plastic one, forgetting what is good for our health.


According to the University of Minnesota, the nutrients in the food that we consume daily should enable our body cells to perform their daily functions, and without eating properly, we interfere with the wellbeing of both our mind and body. So what are the foods that we should eat more and what are the ones that we should cut out entirely (or at least cut down on)?

What to eat

Healthy fats

Not all fats are unhealthy, as there some that are very much welcome in our body. Such healthy fats are, for example, organic avocado, olive oil and other oils that are derived from organically fed animals. Fish oil is, for example, something that we should include in our diet - if it’s organic, of course. Contrary to popular belief, not all fats make us obese. They are the best friends of our brain, and by regular healthy intake of fats we can preserve our good metabolism and hormone production, that can, believe it or not, help us in losing fat.


Vegetables and fruits

It’s a well-known fact that we should have a regular intake of fruits and vegetables. The most advisable tip is to eat as many green veggies (such as broccoli, brussels sprouts and beans) as possible, since vegetables are great thanks to the antioxidants that they possess. Antioxidant intake is of crucial importance, as they prevent the oxidation of certain molecules in our body. Not getting enough of these can furthermore result in a wide range of illnesses.


However, if you find yourself not eating enough fruits and vegetables, you can always turn to dietary supplements that don’t have to be unhealthy. Taking, for example, healthy Solgar supplements such as Solgar Advanced Antioxidant Formula can help you obtain the necessary amount of antioxidants in your body. These are always a great choice if you’re not a regular vegetable-eater.

Probiotic foods

The stomach or the “gut” is often referred to as being the enteric nervous system, so it’s also very important to keep it satisfied. You can achieve this by introducing probiotic foods to your morning routine. Eating foods such as kimchi, kombucha or sheep milk kefir and yoghurt will definitely help the 100 million nerve cells in your gastrointestinal tract be healthy. Moreover, make sure to incorporate a lot of fluids in your morning diet (most preferably water), so as to properly hydrate your body and prepare it for the foods you will consume that day.

What to avoid


The first thing that you should definitely be avoiding is sugar. The increased consumption of sugar can lead to obesity, diabetes, inflammatory diseases, and in some instances schizophrenia. This means that you should either have a balanced intake of sugars (preferably very low), or cut them out completely, which would mean no more chocolate snacks.


Furthermore, you should avoid the intake of caffeine. Even though we love to enjoy drinking our cups of coffee, caffeine is very often added to other foods as well, so you should pay attention to your total caffeine intake. It can cause bad sleep quality, lack of concentration, and sometimes other health and digestive problems.


Finally, the third villain is food dyes which can contain cancer-causing agents. These are more often than not used to enhance the colour of a certain fruit or vegetable, so be very mindful about it. The best way to avoid such produce is by eating only organic.


Food can interfere with our body and mind in more ways that we could possibly imagine. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to be careful about the foods we eat, since we don’t want anything that’s dangerous inside of us. Our body and mind are temples, so let’s respect them.

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