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Health: 10 Tips From a Holistic Health Coach

Health: 10 Tips From a Holistic Health Coach


With Thanksgiving vastly approaching, it's fun to think about all the family and friends we'll get to see and the catching up we'll get to do. Family is good and all but we all know that the food is the best part of Thanksgiving. It's the one day every year that we'll get to pig out without any thought behind it. I was recently speaking with a health coach about working out and getting healthy. Lupe Colangelo is a beautiful health coach, dedicated to helping people form healthy habits. She has agreed to guest post on the blog, giving her top ten tips for getting healthy! I hope you enjoy!


Lupe Colangelo with her tips for your health


Lupe states, "Everyone has habits they want to form. Some people feel like they can’t “stick” with things like eating healthier, working out, or sleeping more. These habits are too important for you not to do - especially as a young woman who works hard! As a Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach, I specialize in just that - habit change. I know that anyone can create a habit and stick with it. They just need the right tools. Here are some of my tips to help you get started. For the sake of following along, the example that I will be using is healthy eating."

1. Map the habit: The more clear and specific your habit is, the easier it will be to create. We like to picture things in our brains! So give yourself a clear vision of what you can look forward to. There is a difference between “I need to eat healthy” and “I would like to start eating healthy this week by choosing one healthy breakfast each morning. The breakfast that gets me the most excited to eat healthy is mangoes, oatmeal with honey, and coffee.”

2. Discover your obstacles: What has been stopping you from creating that habit already? In other words, why aren’t you doing that NOW? Whatever comes to mind, write it down. I'm rushed in the mornings, so I always end up running to Starbucks and grabbing something sugary. I also don’t remember to eat until I'm halfway out the door.

3. Prioritize. Decide which obstacle is important for you to overcome first. If I had more time, I would have more chances to remember to eat. Therefore, TIME is the most important obstacle for me to work on first.

4. Set up the conditions you need so that you  CANNOT fail. What needs to be in place for this habit to be inevitable?

I will have more time in the mornings if I set my things up the night before. I also will set a bedtime reminder, and put the mango, mug, oatmeal packet, and honey on the counter where I will see it.

5. Experiment: Practice makes progress! Take comfort knowing you WILL mess up in the beginning, but that’s part of the process. I still felt rushed today but I did have time for the mango and the coffee. On Day 2, I ate everything but it felt like I just wolfed it down. It won't be perfect, keep trying.

6. Adapt: How can you improve for the next time based on what you learned? Tomorrow, I can set my alarm for 10 minutes earlier - enough to give me 10 minutes to eat and not enough to disrupt my sleep routine.

7. Reflect: How is this habit improving your life so far? How does it feel? Reflecting on how a habit makes us feel increases your chances of keeping up with it. I am feeling more energetic in the morning now that I am eating a healthy breakfast. I also feel more mindful and less stressed as I start my work day.

8. Prepare for consistency: Is there anything about this habit that still feels difficult? Prepare to keep improving so that your habit sticks in the long run. I hate using up time in the morning to cut up the mango… it gets messy! What I can do is cut it at night and just keep it in the fridge.

9. If you mess up, make a choice to continue: Is this mistake going to stop you or give you a chance to learn? It’s day 5 and I’m sick of oatmeal!!! This isn’t going to work.” Sounds very different than, “It’s day 5 and I’m sick of oatmeal!! What I can do is think of a new healthy breakfast such as apples and peanut butter that I can use to switch things up.” Make a choice to improve your life.

10. Acknowledge! Letting yourself celebrate a new habit before you rush into the next is a perfect way to boost your confidence. Too often, we rush from goal to goal without stopping in between to thank ourselves for the hard work.

I created a habit entirely by myself! I didn’t think I could, and now I’m ready to crush the next one.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, and thank you to Ashley of Just a Millennial Girl to let me help you all out. Be sure to check out my 1:1 Coaching Programs just click the button below. if you want to improve your energy, create amazing habits, and grow your confidence - I won’t let anything get in your way! You deserve to feel incredible and confident enough to kill it in your career.

If you're interested in learning more, follow Lupe on Instagram: @lupe.colangelo or FB: Ignited Life: Lupe Colangelo


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