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I Tried One of Those Bed-in-a-Box Things, Here's What Happened

I Tried One of Those Bed-in-a-Box Things, Here's What Happened

There's a new trend emerging amongst mattress companies. New companies such as Idle Sleep are amongst the wave of companies delivering this swanky new way to purchase a bed! So what exactly is a bed-in-a-box? Only the best new way to mattress shop! Right from your couch! You purchase the mattress online and the bed is sent straight to your front door. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to try one of these beds, here’s what happened!


Let me start off by saying,  the customer service with Idle was flawless from beginning to end. In my opinion, the customer service is a gateway to the product. Every interaction was light and pleasant.

My 14” Hybrid was delivered straight to my door in a box! Now, I know what you're thinking, how on earth can a bed fit in a box. The box was about 121lbs, the mattress was tightly rolled in plastic and carefully placed into the box. I love this because I personally feel that mattress shopping is a major pain. Going to the store, testing them out, and getting it home. All a major hassle!

Idle 14 inch hybrid and all foam.png


The unboxing process was rather simple. I’m about 120lbs myself and it just took a little strength to get the mattress out. After unboxing, I simply cut the plastic off and watched the bed expand! It was really awesome to see!

The mattress was clean and in excellent condition. Sleeping on it was quite the experience. The Hybrid is a two-sided mattress allowing for longer lifespan with periodical spinning and flipping.

idle sleep 14 inch hybrid construction.jpg



Immediately, you can feel the soft comfort of the bed but it's not overwhelming. After laying down, I fell asleep almost right away. I'm a person who wakes up every two hours. Every. Single. Night. As you can imagine, it’s tiring and annoying. On my hybrid, I slept through the night and woke up to my alarm six hours later! I should report as well; I tend to have a stiff neck and shoulders in the morning. I felt no pressure or pain after sleeping on this Hybrid. I should also mention,  my boyfriend works the graveyard shift. I usually can feel when he’s slipped into bed. However, Idle Sleep’s Motion Transfer feature allows you to stay sound asleep while your mate gets in and out of bed. 

A few more impressive features:

  • IDLE uses Thermocool fabric is designed to work with the body’s natural thermal capabilities through smart fiber cross­sections. 
  • The IDLE Hybrid uses a Quantum­Edge­To­Edge Coil unit. This coil unit has two rows of skinnier, stronger coils that run around the edge and help provide great edge support.
  • IDLE offers a 120 Night Sleep Trial so you will have plenty of time to decide if its right for you. Free shipping & returns with a lifetime warranty program. 

All in all, I give this mattress a 5/5. My experience with the folks over at Idle Sleep was exceptional. From the customer service right down to the delivery. If you’re interested in purchasing this mattress or any of their other models, head over to Idle Sleep

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