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Instagram: The Follow/Unfollow Game and Why I Refuse To Play

Instagram: The Follow/Unfollow Game and Why I Refuse To Play

Bloggers, digital marketers, freelancers and business owners know that social media is the way to get ahead these days. Influencers all over social media platforms are concerned with their engagement and follower rates.

Just like any other business, social media marketing is all about numbers. The more followers you have the more opportunities you have to work with larger companies and get approved for sponsored posts. Social media is a numbers game but you know what else is? Instagram. Influencers, bloggers, freelancer, everyone is trying to get ahead, win, and gain followers.

So what is this game that I speak of?

The follow/unfollow game. The name of the game is to unfollow someone after they’ve followed you.  Recently I was looking around in a Facebook group where someone mentioned that they can’t understand why they gain a bunch of followers and lose them the next day. Another blogger commented stating that she, “Follows a bunch of accounts and unfollows them the next day.”

Well, why the heck would anyone do that? I asked her what was the reason for that and she said, "It's the fastest way to gain followers.

Here's why I refuse to play the follow/unfollow game:


  1. It’s disingenuous-- you really just look shady af

  2. I want real and raw engagement-- If someone only follows me because I’ve followed them means that they’re less likely to comment and engage with me.

  3. Numbers don’t matter if people aren’t truly interested in what you’re doing or what you have to say.

  4. I don’t want to follow accounts that I’m not interested in because I won’t engage and I like to talk to my audience

  5. I don’t want to be known for following people and then unfollowing-- again just shady af

  6. I want to be able to say, “numbers don’t lie”. If you follow/unfollow really your numbers aren’t real.


I refuse to play the follow/unfollow game because I want to and will grow authentically. I want a true and engaged audience. New bloggers should be careful to start this because it makes you look shady and it will ultimately stunt your blogging growth. You can and will authentically grow if you’re patient, posting daily, engaging with your audience, commenting on others posts. People will see you and recognize you. There are ways to get REAL followers. REAL followers lead to real views and real money.

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