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Love: 20 Inexpensive Date Night Ideas

Love: 20 Inexpensive Date Night Ideas


Ahh dating, I personally enjoy dating. I love the wonder of a new relationship and the security of an established one. In our Netflix and Chill culture, it can be easy to just hang out at home and watch movies and shows and not really get out. While there is nothing wrong with Netflix, I have a subscription myself,  some of us want to get out there and have some fun. Here are twenty fun and inexpensive date ideas to try with your hubby, fiance, boyfriend, or new beau.


  1. Cook! Find a recipe on Pinterest that you both want to try, go to the grocery store together, pour some wine and cook. This will make for some really fun bonding and intimate talking time.

  2. Go to a festival! Summertime in almost any city will have a slew of festivals and carnivals. This is great to spend some time outside of the house together.

  3. Eat! Try a new restaurant in your city. has various featured cities and lists of places to try for all the foodies out there.

  4. Picnic! I know this may be cliche but how many of you can actually say that you’ve been on a picnic date? Just try it.

  5. Go to the zoo. The zoo is such a fun place to go and see all the animals, walk, hold hands, and chit chat.

  6. Game night! Get your board games out and play together. This could even be a date that you include another couple or two.

  7. Skating. Whether it’s ice skating or roller-skating this is always a fun date full of affection and intimacy.

  8. Comedy Show. Find a comedy show in your area, get some tickets and go. This is a fun and easy going date sure to be full of laughter.

  9. Grab a coffee. As simple as it sounds, sometimes a Sunday morning coffee could be just what the doctor ordered.

  10. Go to a game. Are you guys big sports fans? Do you love football, baseball, or basketball? Find some inexpensive tickets and go to a game. Even if they’re not great seats, it could still be fun just to be together.

  11. Listen to music. Take turns playing some of your favorite songs for each other. Getting to know each other's music style can be very fun.

  12. Go Dancing. Go out to a local bar or club and dance the night away together.

  13. Go Bike Riding. If you don’t own bikes, there are many places in larger cities that will allow you to rent a bike. Get out, get some fresh air and go riding.

  14. Volunteer. This could be something really special to the both of you. Find a cause or organization that you both believe in and volunteer for them.

  15. Go on a Scavenger Hunt. Find a fun scavenger hunt for your city online or make up a scavenger hunt for each other and go exploring.

  16. Wine/Beer Tasting. These wine and beer tours are very popular and a lot of fun. There are always deals running for these sorts of tours.

  17. Do seasonal activities. Whether it’s October and you go Pumpkin picking and to Haunted Houses or December when you can ride around to see the lights. These seasonal activities will create memories and maybe even some traditions.

  18. Bowling. This is something that my boyfriend and I do together. We belong to a bowling league and it’s a great winter activity for the long Wisconsin winters.

  19. Play bartender. Learn how to make some new drinks at home and bartend for each other.

  20. Netflix it up. Netflix is always a great option if you want to just hang out and watch television. Find a series and binge watch it together!


I want to know what some of your favorite inexpensive date ideas are!

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