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Mental Health: Ten Things To Do When Your Anxiety Gets the Best of You

Mental Health: Ten Things To Do When Your Anxiety Gets the Best of You



Many people in the United States and around the world suffer from anxiety day in and day out. Here are a few ways you can cope with your anxiety when the weight gets too heavy. 

1.     Breathe—Seriously, just take a few deep breaths! Count them, feel your chest loosen up, feel every breath.

2.     Meditate—Meditation is a skill that takes practice. The idea of meditation is to calm the mind but if you suffer from anxiety you know that your mind is always “on”. Find a quiet place, get comfortable, and try to turn your mind off.

3.     Journal—This is my favorite outlet. I love to journal about how I’m feeling, what triggered the anxiety, who I was with and where I was. Journaling allows you to go back and revisit the times of extreme happiness, sadness, or anxiousness. This is a great outlet when you don’t want to talk to anyone about how you’re feeling and you want to keep it real with yourself.

4.     Talk to a trusted friend or family member. This is the one that could be the most difficult. Many times anxiety and depression could be seen as a weakness instead of something that needs to be discussed. Find a person that you trust and won’t judge you.

5.     Read your daily affirmations—Daily affirmations are used to trigger your conscious and unconscious mind. They are positive sentences you say yourself used to motivate, inspire and energize.

Examples of affirmations:

I am smart and confident and people look to me for inspiration

I am capable of all things that I put my mind to

I am beautiful and I attract beautiful souls.

6.     Do something you love—This could be anything. This could be anything from bike riding to painting. Do something that you’re passionate about and that you can indulge in.

7.     Go for a walk—This is simple. When you’re feeling anxious, remove yourself from the situation that is making you this way. Ensure you’re in a safe place to walk and that you tell someone where you’re going. Just take a look around you and remind yourself all the beautiful things around you and all things you’re thankful for.

8.     Exercise—Exercise gets the blood flowing and can overall increase the quality of your life. You don’t have to belong to gym to work out. There are plenty of things you can do at home to get your mind off what’s bothering you and get that heart pumping.

9.     Tidy up your space—It’s been said that your physical space is a reflection of your head space. If your home or bedroom is messy, it’s likely that your headspace is messy as well. Tidy up, organize, make sure everything has a place. This will help you feel like you’re getting your shit together and your anxiety could possibly fall by the wayside.  

10.  Get some rest—If you’re anxious and stressed out your best bet might be just to get some rest. Whatever the trigger is for your anxiety may be toying with your sleep pattern. Before bed, take a nice shower and do something relaxing, put your phone away and turn on calming music or white noise.

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