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Positive Affirmations to Say to Yourself Daily- Tips from a Health Coach

Positive Affirmations to Say to Yourself Daily- Tips from a Health Coach


It's been said that the things you say to yourself are the most important. I know personally, I have struggled with self-talk. I think a lot of women do. We don't realize how much we're impacted by the things we say to ourselves. So, I've called in the big guns. Health/Life Coach, Lupe is back with her list of positive affirmations to say to yourself. 

Lupe states,

"Hi, beauties!

My name is Lupe and I help busy women get ahead by using their healthy habits. If you’re a boss babe like myself and my clients, you know that mindset and a positive outlook is sometimes the only thing that carries you through each day when things get tough. We need to protect your minds in order for your important work to get done. There might be days where you’re exhausted, maybe you don’t feel 100% confident in how you look, maybe you’re struggling with weight loss or stress and we don’t want those to get in the way of your business.

So I’ve created positive affirmations for you to say to yourself daily. Affirmations are positive phrases we can speak to ourselves either out loud or in our head until we mean it. They help shape our outlook and ways of thinking – and THAT shapes our healthy choices and mindset all day. I’ve adapted these from my new ebook I created to help you grow your self-love over the next 100 days. Enjoy!

Morning Affirmations

1. Today is a day of balance, and I deserve to treat my body well and breathe when I need to.

2. What I am is beautiful, my work is beautiful, and I was put here to help people today.

3. To take care of myself and my body, I choose to eat high energy foods and ask myself what will make me feel GOOD today. And today I will feel good.

Afternoon Affirmations

1. No matter how this morning went, I consciously choose to take care of my mental and physical health this afternoon. And this afternoon, I will feel good.

2. Stress will come to my body no matter what, and I choose to get to the real root of what bothers me and make a real plan to get through it.

3. Right now, I choose to take a moment and celebrate all of the good things I’ve already done today.

Evening Affirmations

1. The day is not over, and there is room for me to keep treating myself well today.

2. What I am is powerful, and the work I’ve done today is powerful. Now I can rest and leave my worries for tomorrow.

3. Today is now in the past. What I can celebrate is ______. What I can improve for tomorrow is _______.


Use these as you need to. Your thoughts are like a jungle – the ones you practice the most will clear the path in your brain so that positive thinking becomes easier and more clear.

To get 100 Affirmations and Journal prompts to continue growing your self-love and double your confidence, grab your Ebook challenge here. I use it for myself and now, for my health coaching clients.

You deserve to have complete confidence in yourself and who you are. Let me help you build it!

Thank you for reading and cheers to your health!"

Lupe, Holistic Health and Life Coach

To learn more about Lupe and her coaching services, visit her website.  


What are some affirmations you say to yourself daily?

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