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Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

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With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you're probably starting to think of what on earth you're going to get your significant other. We all know Valentine's Day is a Hallmark holiday but it's fun to celebrate love! Here's a Valentine's Day Gift Guide for her or yourself!

For Her

1. Glossybox Subscription- If your girlfriend loves makeup, beauty products, and hair care products this is the perfect gift for her. This is a monthly subscription so you'll look like the best boyfriend ever each time that little pink box arrives at the door. You can cancel at any time. 

2. I Love You Photobook- Your girlfriend will LOVE this! If your girlfriend is sentimental and kind of sappy like myself then she will die for this! This product comes from Mixbook. I love love love Mixbook. They offer such great products that offer memorable and thoughtful pieces. You can upload your favorite photos, design it the way you want, and have it sent straight to you. Enjoy 45% all orders with this link and using LOVE118A. Offer available until 2/6/18!

3. New Bed-- I did a review on a new mattress about a month ago. This would be a pricey gift. If you're buying her a new bed, chances are you live together and you're willing to make the purchase together. This would be a great gift for each other. Having a great mattress would benefit both of you! If you're curious about the mattress see: Mattress Review. Don't forget to use JAM300 at checkout for $300 off!

4. New Handbag- If your girlfriend is a fan of shoes, jewelry, and handbags; you can't really go wrong with this. Ensure that it's in a color and style that she would like. If you're unsure, take a look at her other bags to see what style she has. If all else fails, take some pictures of her bags and show them to the employees at the store. 

5. Home Decor- New bedding, throw pillows or champagne glasses will always be a hit. You can never have enough of cute and swanky home decor. I get a lot of my home decor from the Contemporary Furniture Warehouse, they offer some really beautiful and affordable pieces. 

6. New Dress- You can't really go wrong with a new dress. I love to get dressed up for and go on dates with my beau. Getting your girlfriend a new dress is a simple but perfect gesture.

7. Home Cooked Meal- If you're not a cook, there are ways around this. Companies like HelloFresh offer fresh food to your door with recipes! You'll shock your girlfriend with delicious food. If you can read, you can use HelloFresh! She will love the quiet night in, be sure to include candles and wine!


What are some of your favorite things to give on V-Day? What's the best gift you've gotten?


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